A pan-European survey measuring the impact of students’ living environment on their well-being and happiness.

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Introducing The Student Living Monitor

The Student Living Monitor (SLM) is the first of its kind research, which examines the impact of students’ environment on their well-being and happiness. SLM was first launched in 2021 in the Netherlands. In 2023, it expanded to a Europe-wide research initiative.

Essentially, the survey is driven by two guiding questions:

- Do certain facilities and/or services have a positive effect on student wellbeing?

- Which students have the best living experience and what are the drivers behind this?

"These findings serve as a clarion call to universities, accommodation providers, and policy-makers alike to prioritise and enhance mental health support for students. It's imperative to invest in comprehensive mental health programs, develop inclusive accommodations, and cultivate a supportive environment that fosters well-being and resilience among students."

Kelly-anne Watson
Managing Director, The Class Foundation

Key Policy Development Areas.

Availability and Choice

Planning to develop a sufficient volume of accommodation of the right type and giving more agency to students by enabling access to more housing choices.

Engagement for Well-being

Even modest usage of in-house facilities and services (social events, gym, outdoor and communal spaces, job/mental health counselling) by students bears a relationship to better well-being scores.

Inclusive Community

Supporting students from non-traditional backgrounds and building an inclusive community is crucial for creating inclusive, safe living environments

Targeted Support

Students with low mental health scores value and use mental health services. Need for hardship funds for financially disadvantaged students.

Download the report

Full report available in English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, and Nederlands.


We are pleased to collaborate with the Student Living Monitor project integrating innovative fitness solutions in student housing, empowering young minds to achieve their full potential and to underline the importance of having a healthy lifestyle at all ages.

Zig takes great pride in its sponsorship of the Student Living Monitor, a testament to our strong support for the research's fundamental objectives. We are deeply committed to comprehending students' experiences within their living environments, as this knowledge fuels our ongoing efforts to provide them with precisely tailored support.

Consortio Security Limited are proud to support the Student Wellbeing and Living Monitor, as we understand the contribution that our staff can make for the peace of mind and happiness of residents. We commend the Monitor for its importance in further raising awareness of the vitality of facilities and services in Student wellbeing.

Students have identified security measures as one of the top 5 factors with the most positive impact on their living environment, and at Eagle Eye Networks, we prioritize their safety by providing innovative solutions designed to meet this critical need. We accomplish this through our advanced AI and cloud-based video solutions, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance and rapid response capabilities. Our commitment to enhancing student safety is unwavering, reflecting our dedication to creating secure and supportive living environments.

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