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Industry News | 08/21

Published by:
The Class Foundation
Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Higher education, student mobility, and student housing industry news from August 2021.

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August 27

  • Indian operator Colive, Future Of Living just launched its program CoLiveAndLetLive and will offer 100 scholarships for Afghan students [Coliving Insights]
  • Expected to open early 2022, The Student Hotel’s forthcoming Madrid property involves the conversion and refurbishment of an existing complex on Plaza de España [The Student Hotel]

August 26

  • Foreign students warned away from Dutch universities as housing shortage rises [NL Times]
  • The urbanest team have secured approval for their plans to regenerate 2 Trafalgar Way into one of the most sustainable large-scale residential buildings globally [urbanest UK]
  • Basecamp, which today has student housing in nine locations in Denmark, Germany and Poland, has invested in a new contruction which will provide Malmö with 585 new student housing units, an increase of 27%. [Sydsvenskan – Swedish]

August 25

  • Global Student Accommodation (GSA) celebrated the topping out ceremony as works on their $110 million building with unrivalled views across North Terrace, Lot Fourteen and the Adelaide Hills reached a critical point [GSA – Global Student Accommodation]

August 23

  • CA Ventures and Harrison Street launch a new PBSA joint venture to deliver a new scheme in Cork, Ireland [PBSA News]

August 21

  • Purpose-built student accommodations have proven controversial, with some critics arguing that they are over-concentrated and unaffordable for students [The Irish Times]

August 20

  • THE FIZZ is hosting Open Days at their locations in Bremen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, and Freiburg Mitte! Catch the last one on 5 September from 12-18 pm and explore it with your own eyes [The FIZZ Europe]

August 17

  • According to ­­­­­the Influencer Marketing Platform Fanbytes, Gen Z shouldn’t be put into a box with all the same characteristics, or assumed to be all the same with all the same indistinguishable likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests [Property Marketing Strategists]

August 16

  • Students with long Covid may be more common than we think - with significant implications for universities [Wonkhe]
  • Ignacio Bilbao, Managing Director for Iberia at LIV Student, highlights the need for harmony between wellbeing, personal, and intellectual development in residences that provide students with better learning opportunities. [Revista Business Portugal – Portuguese]

August 12

  • Student Accommodation expert David Feeney talks to the Evening Standard about the rise in demand for high quality student accommodation in London and the drivers behind it [Cushman & Wakefield]
  • Providing students with the experience they need beyond Covid-19 [PBSA News]
  • Successful tender offer on Student Properties Spain – HUBR Closing of Malaga transaction with Amro [Xior Student Housing]

August 11

August 10

  • The Student Hotel Delft has been longlisted in the sustainable interior category of Dezeen Awards 2021 [Dezeen]
  • CA Ventures announces early completion of Silk Mill student property in Edinburgh [Property Funds World]

August 9

  • UK PBSA investment hits £2 billion in H1 [Knight Frank]
  • The UK Building Safety Bill: UL discuss the bill and the road to compliance, with a pilot certification service opportunity. [PBSA News]
  • Irish housing minister Darragh O'Brien has been urged to support legislation that would stop student accommodation from being used by tourists. [StuRents]

August 6

  • Dutch Universities ‘are stopping actively recruiting foreign students’: FD [Dutch News]
  • Xior CEO, Christian Teunissen 'Corona or not, students want to move into a room en masse' [De Tijd – Dutch]

August 5

  • Germany has streamlined its entry categories and has moved several countries down from the highest level of risk, meaning that vaccinated students may be able to avoid quarantine measures. [StudyTravel]

August 4

  • Yugo has been launched as a new global student housing operator, merging the brands of The Student Housing Company, Nexo Residencias, Uninest Student Residents and UComm [GSA]
  • UK Turing bids exceed estimates and will fund 40,000 places from September [The PIE News]
  • CA Ventures (CA) has hired Sarah Quinn as operations director of Novel Student, CA’s in-house PBSA management platform. [Property Funds World]
  • IDP Survey: Students embrace vaccines when planning for study abroad [IDP Connect]
  • London is the best city in the world for international students – where else makes the rankings? [World Economic Forum]

August 3

  • Catella European Residential III Acquires Hamburg and Dortmund Assets for c. €140 mln, AUM Passes €500 mln in Two Years [Catella]

August 2

  • IE University survey of 4,000 people in the US, UK, France and Spain, conducted in mid-July, has show student interest in study abroad despite the pandemic. [The PIE News]

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