Investment Barometer

A report that offers European insight which can greatly benefit investors and key stakeholders operating within the rapidly growing Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector.

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Introducing The Investment Barometer

This comprehensive report not only unveils the current landscape of the PBSA industry but also provides a forward-looking perspective, arming decision-makers with the knowledge and guidance they need to navigate this dynamic market successfully. By harnessing the data, trends, and analyses presented within this report, investors and stakeholders can make well-informed decisions, capitalising on the opportunities that lie ahead in this thriving sector.

“It’s great to have such valuable insights from European investors as a result of this survey and what’s interesting is the future growth plans or the sector, but also the challenges preventing it from developing even further than that. Unsurprisingly, given the economic backdrop, equity and debt for development came out as the biggest concern. This does however also point to an opportunity for those investors who have already raised capital and are in a position to start deploying.”

Richard Valentine-Selsey
Director, Residential Research, Savills

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“This report is key in providing the industry with information direct from investors that shows the strength of the PBSA sector. The PBSA landscape in Europe has been experiencing unprecedented growth in recent years, driven by evolving student demographics and a resolute commitment to enhancing the quality of student living. Concurrently, the distress of the housing crisis has highlighted the substantial influence investors have, not only in student housing but in the broader housing market. Investors play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of this flourishing sector, and it’s great to see so many of them committing to its growth.”

Kelly-anne Watson
Managing Director, The Class Foundation

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