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Spain is facing a continuous housing shortage compounded by a yearly surge in student numbers. As the 5th largest global market catering to 1.7 million students, with 11% international, a concerning trend emerges- more Spanish students opt to stay in family homes due to financial constraints and challenges securing student accommodation.

In response, the sector delivered 30,000 units in the last 5 years. However, the current pipeline of 20,000 units signifies only a 7% increase in required supply, exposing a substantial gap.

Spain strategically blends underserved markets with a deep understanding of capital markets in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). Cities like Valencia, drawing substantial student interest and boasting cultural appeal, offer enticing investment prospects. Additionally, within secondary cities, identifying precise micro-locations becomes pivotal for successful PBSA ventures, demanding astute market comprehension in strategic planning.

What you can expect:

Participant-driven event where you help set the agenda
Real-world case-studies from across the sector
Curated community networking
Hands-on impact driven workshops

Key challenges explored:

Deepening housing shortage:

Spain grapples with a persistent housing deficit, which is also highlighted by more Spanish students choosing to stay at home with their families.

Considerable housing supply gap:

Despite delivering 30,000 units in 5 years, the current pipeline of 20,000 units represents a mere 7% increase in required supply. This stark disparity highlights the substantial housing gap, a significant challenge for the sector.

Key opportunities explored:

Strategic investment:

Spain's grasp of underserved markets in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) presents investment prospects. Cities like Valencia, with a robust student influx and cultural magnetism, offer promising investment avenues.

Tapping into secondary city potential:

Targeting precise micro-locations within secondary cities holds promise for PBSA investments. Identifying specific areas within these urban centers where demand is unmet requires sharp market insight for strategic planning.



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"We get to meet a lot of our existing clients and prospective ones as well."

Laura Wollard



"Internationalization is the key word for this event."

Jaime Caruncho


Micampus Residencias

"It is a great place to meet industry leaders and really get market insights."

Emily Sims



"The diversity of the people who come to conference is amazing, I don’t think we get to see a crowd like this in any other conference."

Henri Vuong



"We really respect the work that The Class is doing across Europe in expanding the footprint of student accommodation sector."

Brian Welsh



"This is hands down the coolest conference I have been to."

Jacob Chai



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