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Dubai Global Summit

May 7, 2019
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


In cities around the world, shifts in lifestyles and habits are changing the ways in which students and young adults choose their place of residence. As a result, real estate developers are getting creative with new typologies to adapt to the nomadic Gen-Y. Dubai is home to the highest number of international branch campuses in the world. Its growing popularity as a university city draws in more international students year after year, creating an increased demand for student accommodation. At the Dubai Global Investment Summit, we’ll explore key trends in student accommodation and co-living. How can cities utilize residential living trends to retain and attract international talent? What are the possibilities for university cities to have a head start in shaping the future of living? How are established and new ways of living blending into each other?

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  1. Accommodation for students in Dubai is still in it’s early stages; providers can study the innovations and learnings from experienced European players.
  2. Taking cultural sensitivities into consideration, providers can get creative with design and involve the students in the planning process.
  3. Student well being is up to the operators to provide. Specialized staff training, community programs and medical support should be standard.
  4. Given Dubai’s city layout, proximity is key. It is almost essential for the student accommodation to be walking distance from the school or reliable transport must be arranged.
  5. Internationalization and Dubai’s recent 5 year visa extension make a solid argument for student accommodation investment and new living concepts like co-living.