The Best In Class Awards 2016

Celebrating Industry Achievements

November 2nd, 2016
MBG Metastadt, Vienna, Austria
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In 2016, The Class Foundation launched The Best in Class Awards. The awards celebrate the companies, institutions and individuals going that extra mile in making student living more efficient, welcoming and professional.


Lisette van Doorn

Chief Executive of ULI Europe

Urban Land Insititute (ULI), Europe

Lisette van Doorn is responsible for the development of the Institute’s activities across the region, including its renowned pan-European conferences and over 250 local meetings and events across 14 countries.

Rudy Stroink


Dutch Spring

Safi Sabuni


Erasmus Student Network AISBL

Miguel Santo Amaro



Allan Blattner

Job Title

Association of College & University Housing Officers - International (ACUHO-I)

Outstanding Residence Life Initiative


Resa - Resa Hub

Here's why:

What distinguishes the project from other candidates’ is a wide range of activities organized for students, aiming not only to integrate but also to educate them. Furthermore, Resa Hub includes recreational, sports, and cultural activities, as well as solitary activities, which proves the project is ready to accommodate many different needs of the students. The aforementioned events are organized throughout the academic year, eliminating the possibility that some students might miss their chance to join in. Finally, students themselves can decide what activities they would like to have and participate in organizing them, which is a great opportunity to get to know people.

Best Property Innovation & Sustainability


ByggVesta - Kosterhavet

Here's why:

ByggVesta proved that they are committed to environmental sustainability having designed this student residence as a highly-energy efficient passive house. It also uses Envac’s efficient vacuum waste collection systems. Moreover, with ByggVesta’s “Live to Grow” initiative, the Kosterhavet project has an organized circular economy, helping to reduce the overall waste from the residents.

Best Student Housing Property


The Student Hotel - Groningen, NL

Here's why:

The Student Hotel provides students with opportunities to meet and connect with other residents, for example by using shared kitchens where students can cook, eat and spend time together. Moreover, the building is innovative in the use of space. Its communal areas, such as the ground floor, offer even more possibilities to socialize, as they include a lounge, gym, and library. The hotel also offers a restaurant, the Pool, that is open to anyone, which allows residents to get to know one another but also to mingle with the locals. Additionally, the Student Hotel organizes year-round social activities for the residents.

Outstanding University Housing Office


King's College London

Here's why:

King’s Residences runs a number of programmes for their residents from the moment they arrive throughout the year. This includes a housing guarantee for all incoming students, a meticulously run Move-In Weekend programme which has a 98% satisfaction rate, a well-supported affordable accommodation scheme, and their BeActive Programme which offers fun, weekly social sport and exercise activities. Moreover, their room allocation process is very effective with only 1 room swap requested out of 5,300 students placed in September 2016.