May 15, 2017

Residence Life 2017

May 15, 2017
Hotel Casa Amsterdam


Learn how residence life programmes can help make your students more successful and feel more at home during our Residence Life Seminar. KENCES and The Foundation introduced a new seminar with global student services and residence life experts along with those who manage the day-to-day international student communities in residences and on-campus. During the interactive seminar, speakers shared experiences and best practices to inspire more holistic and pragmatic approaches to student residence life programs.

Key learnings

What did we cover during the academy?

  • First-hand experiences and lessons learned from experts and frontline staff
  • Crisis situations, student depression, substance abuse, and aggression: experiences and management tools
  • Building communities to improve student social and academic success
  • How to integrate student housing in the student’s learning experience
  • International best practices and recommendations

Course offering / benefits


Ardin Mourik



Frank Uffen


The Class Foundation

Grant Walters

Director of Educational Programs


Ian Jones

Head of Accommodation Services

University of Sheffield

Suzana Graziano

International Relations Manager