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Do you want to host a networking session, share knowledge from a recent report or case study, or want to spread the word about a new initiative?
Then let’s co-create!

The Class Foundation provides its partners with guidelines on key points to support their event development, including tips on moderation, shaping focus, and target audience. We also offer full support with logistics, including a platform for the event to take place on, event communication, and registration. Partners are responsible for curating the event: defining a topic, sharing pre-event content, and hosting the discussion to instigate greater participation. The event format defined by the partner: it can be as informal as an online coffee session to a more structured panel discussion with different speakers.

Why host a Community Talk?

The Class Foundation will handle
the logistics of the event

Be recognized as an industry leading voice on your topic of choice

Brand visibility in The Class newsletters
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Increase your organization’s network
and CRM database

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Upcoming Community Talks

The Impacts of Exercise on Mental Health
in Collaboration with TechnoGym
September 10th 16:00 - 17:00 (CEST)

This Community Talk will focus on how mental health (particularly stress, anxiety, and depression) has changed over the past few decades and its direct relationship to physical activity.The latter will illustrate the impacts of physical activity (or lack thereof), primarily through exercise, on attenuating or mitigating the impact of stress, anxiety, and depression as well as on enhancing or improving mental health. [MORE INFO]

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